Which Studio Microphone to Buy on a Budget?

It’s hard to record high-quality music if you are an amateur artist. Professional music studios cost a lot of money and your first songs aren’t as good as you may think. That’s why it is better to record at home at first and I can assure you that the improvement in your songs will be visible in no time. It just takes a lot of work and commitment. Studio microphones on a budget can produce high-quality sound even when they cost less. In this article, I don’t talk about the technical specifications, because I know that amateur artists aren’t sound engineers.

There are two types of budget microphones available when it comes to recording vocals in your home studio. They are called condenser and dynamic microphones. The most important difference between them is, that dynamic microphones perform better in an non-acoustic environment. That means, if your room has no sound isolation and acoustical treatment, dynamic microphones will perform better because they are not as sensitive to the environment as condenser microphones. Condenser microphones also require phantom power, which is built in every external sound card.

Dynamic microphones are also more versatile and used for a general purpose. When you visit a concert, you can see that the artists use dynamic microphones. Condenser microphones are used only in studios. So, if you will record in a closet or a small cabin, which could be easily isolated, buy a condenser microphone. On the other hand, buy a dynamic microphone.

One of the best condenser microphones available is Rode K2, which is definitely a best seller and a great performer. It isn’t the cheapest on the market, but it’s very powerful and you get a great product for the price. It also comes with Rode’s 10 year warranty. Rode K2 isn’t my favorite studio microphone on a budget, because I mainly use Shure KSM32. The vocals that I record don’t go well with Rode K2, but Shure KSM32 is more neutral. I recommend you try out the microphone before you buy it. If you don’t have that option, buy the microphone that is neutral. Rode K2 adds more color to your voice, but KSM32 records it without anything. The sound is clear and realistic. Also, if you don’t have an external sound card, I would recommend you to buy Audio Technica AT2020, which you can get for 200 USD and you can plug it via an USB cable. Very useful microphone that performs excellent!

When it comes to dynamic microphones, there is only one microphone that performs better than any else. This is of course Shure SM58. This microphone is a must-have for every artist in the world. I am positive that there isn’t anyone in the music industry, that doesn’t own one. It also comes at a great price and it performs excellently.