How to Decorate Your Home on a Budget

You don’t necessarily need a large amount of finances in order to revamp your home. Home decor is something that is unique to everyone’s taste and there are plenty of ways you can transform your place without it costing you an arm and a leg. Sure there are people out there who prefer to hire qualified interior designs to tell them what looks good, and guide them about how best to utilize their space. The properties that have the best interior designs are g residence kuala lumpur property, pantai hillpark phase 2, seni mont kiara kuala lumpur and g residence kuchai lama.

However, besides saving money, you also have another advantage of decorating your home yourself; which is that you get to be the ultimate decision maker, as afterall who better to know what makes your personal space comfortable. On that note, here are just a few helpful tips that will bring out your inner interior designer:

  • Start From The Bedroom
    When it comes to how to begin, it is probably best to start from the bedroom. This is because this is possibly the most personal aspect of your home as it is essentially space which is completely your own, which is why you need to make sure that it not only reflects your personality but also your safe zone where you can unwind and be completely comfortable.

There are plenty of options available online where you can purchase cheap bed frames, and replace your outdated one. You can also paint over the bed, hang a picture above or add new wallpaper. You can also consider changing the rotation of your bed, preferably facing a window to let in more direct sunlight. All these simple steps cost next to nothing and will instantly add life to your old room.

  • Lighting
    Lighting is something that people usually don’t consider a priority but definitely should be. Adding something as simple as string lights or LED lights which can be purchased from any hardware or DIY store really brings about a huge creative difference to your room. Apart from decorative lights, consider installing interesting ambient lighting for your living room such as a chandelier or pendant light to bring about a nice ambience to the overall setting. A good example of well-lit living rooms can be found at Seni Condo Mont Kiara, which you can check out for inspiration.

Apart from your living room, your kitchen is also a place that should be well lit, and thus deserves some lightning especially under the cabinets which are known to cast shadows. Changing the lighting of your home can make your place appear more radiant.

  • Spruce Up Your Walls
    There are a number of ways that you can add life to your bland walls. You can create a gallery wall by hanging framed photographs of your family from important events; this will really give a nice personalized touch. If you are feeling artistic, you can experiment by painting your walls yourself, not only will this save you money but it can be a fun activity that you and your family do together.

You can also add different coloured tapestries, or print out artworks, posters and quotes and place them all over in different sized frames. There are plenty of layout ideas which can be found online so go ahead and be inspired!…

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