Real Estate Resale Value – What to Look For

If you’re planning gratuite en ligne de bien immobilier estimation as a flip sale, there are some items that you need to look for which has the best potential of increasing your property’s value. It is important to note however that the value of the property is dependent on the strength of the real property market.

Here are some factors that you can consider when buying a property:

o Location – This is always a concern when it comes to buying property. When choosing your real estate, look for a community that is economically stable. The area should have a healthy mix of commercial establishments and residential neighborhoods. Check out other things such as local government services, available local transportation and school systems.

o View – Homes with a view are often valued higher than those without. A pleasant view of the horizon or the sea is appreciated by buyers of luxury properties.

o House size – When considering a real estate property purchase, there are two things you need to know about house size. First, find out the floor area of the home you are buying. The cut of the rooms is dependent on the overall size of the house. This will definitely be considered by your potential buyers. Second, you also need to look at the sizes of the homes in the area. When the value of a home is taken, the house with the biggest size does not always mean that it has the highest value. If most of the neighborhood is composed of smaller houses, it may drag down the value of the biggest house.

o Bedrooms – Three to four bedrooms is the ideal amount that most buyers are looking for. If you need to add a bedroom via construction, you need to provide the complete documentation for this. This way, the valuator can correctly estimate the amount for the particular are of the house.

o Bathrooms – For bathrooms, there is no particular ratio that needs to be followed. Most buyers look for at least 2 bathrooms. One of these should be in the master bedroom and the other one could be for common use shared by other bedrooms. A half bath for guests can also increase the value of your real property.

o Garage – A two-car garage is the most desirable to buyers. The value of a property with a garage is usually higher than one without.

o Other special areas – Thought not a necessity for most homes, other areas can also add value to the property you are selling. Family room, gourmet kitchen and a room with a fireplace are some examples.