The Bible Is A Work Of Pure Historical Fiction

The main ‘proof’ we have for God is that contained inside the Bible and related writings (for example – the Koran, and so on.). However the Bible is a work of unadulterated chronicled fiction. The evidence of that pudding lies in the way that the Bible is chock-o-block loaded with ‘someone or other said’ or ‘this individual relates’ or ‘that individual clarifies’ or ‘the following individual (or affirmed divinity) says, etc. There are multi-several Bible quotes along the lines of ‘(somebody – fill in the clear) said… ‘, for instance like ‘Jesus said… ‘ There are several talks and exchanges (discussions) related in the Bible that are in quote marks.

Works of fiction are clearly loaded with discussions in quote marks. An undeniable model is the popular novel “Gone with the Wind”. I can mention to you what Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara stated, and what they said to one another, however honestly my dear reader, you shouldn’t care the slightest bit. What they said wouldn’t/couldn’t convey a lot of recorded weight currently, would it? Why? Since these are anecdotal characters in a recorded setting who never existed.

Works of old authentic truth are NOT stacked with ‘this verifiable individual said’ except if that individual really recorded something that has endured and sifted its way down through the ages to our occasions. All the significant parts in the Bible didn’t have copyists available to their no matter what and recorded nothing themselves (generally because of high paces of lack of education), except if you tally God’s Ten Commandments yet those stone tablets are mysteriously absent so they haven’t separated down to us in the first structure.

In the Bible it’s consistently ‘Moses said’ or ‘Noah said’ or ‘Adam said’, not ‘Moses relates in his personal history that… ‘ or ‘Noah’s authoritative designing course reading on ark building notes… ‘ or ‘Adam’s manual for cultivating states… ‘. There’s no collection of memoirs by Moses; no shipbuilding building text composed by Noah; no plant specialist’s handbook created by Adam*.

It’s an abnormality of the main request that we have no clue about what Cleopatra (actually Cleopatra VII) or Alexander-the-Great or even Shakespeare, Mozart or Isaac Newton said as discourses and exchanges (just what they composed), yet we ‘comprehend’ what the entirety of the multi-many the significant parts in the Bible said. That just shows that the Bible is a work of chronicled fiction, as “Gone with the Wind” and ought to be read all things considered.

Here’s another authentic model. Would anyone be able to mention to me what King [Pharaoh] Tutankhamen stated, and if not, why not? All things considered, he was the Supreme Leader of the whole country we call Ancient (Upper and Lower) Egypt, so unquestionably we should realize what he said – in any event for the record, or on the record. Obviously you can’t quote King Tutankhamen yet there’s no uncertainty that Pharaoh existed and is (by the result of pure chance) one of the most well known of all figures from Ancient Egyptian occasions.